Editorial: Woman’s face to go on U.S. currency?

Beantown Beatdown


A strong push from woman’s groups around the country, in particular the Society of Bitches in Boston, has succeeded in forcing the government to put a woman’s face on a denomination of U.S. currency.

Our sources tell us the ten dollar bill will soon feature a woman’s face. Of course women are never happy; Susan B. Anthony’s face goes on a coin, soon that is not good enough, now they need to have a female stamped on paper currency. Pretty soon these skanks are going to ask if they can vote be allowed to drive cars on our nation’s highways. I’ll say one thing about men, we take what we get and don’t whine about it. You never hear men complain about the fact that it’s always a female’s face on a box of pancake mix. Currently some of these un-showered, hairy legged bitches are complaining that they should be represented on the twenty. The Beantown staff thinks the one dollar bill would be a better choice, since that is the bill that is most often stuffed down this gender’s clothing. In fact if Eleanor Roosevelt were chosen as the representative, the picture of George Washington wouldn’t have to be altered at all.


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