Beantown Investigators on scene of a four alarm hissy fit

Beantown Beatdown

Danvers- Investigators with the Beantown’s MILF detection department were at a Chuck E. Cheese’s today as a full fledged four alarm hissy fit broke out.



Look at this rat bastard
Look at this rat bastard
Beantown Beatdowns MILF Detection unit
Beantown Beatdowns MILF Detection unit

Local pudgy kid and all around spoiled brat Dillon Davenport was apparently rip-shit about ‘The Cake.’ As we were hiding behind the whack-a-mole, hoping to not be discovered while looking at Dillon’s hot assed mom Katy, he started yelling and screaming, stating, “I don’t care about him doing presents, I want the cake.”

Katy then relayed to Dillon, in that wicked sexy voice of hers that, “Honey you have to watch him open presents if you want the cake.” We threw a few tokens on the ground hoping Katy would give us a little peek of that sweet ass, but back to the story.

Now Dillon, who is turning red with anger and possible diabetes, crossed the line telling his sweet ass mom, “Look bitch, I want cake, and I want it now!” At which point the Eric Cartman looking piece of shit, who for years had the pleasure of sucking on those sweet, sweet titties his mom sports, started throwing tickets ‘n shit everywhere.

Stop the presses!! Developing story as it unfolds-Holy shit, milf cubed! Fuck Katy and her tiny B cups, here comes Debbie Williams, who is wearing a tight white skirt. Is it gonna happen? Can it be? Omg she bent over to pick something up and… we have liftoff, someone forgot to put on panties!

Ever wonder what the E stands for in Chuck E. Cheese’s? Erections. From all these penny pinching hot assed milfs peering into the coin slots for extra tokens. Spanks Ms. Williams! Spank you very much.

Related: Arson investigators are on scene of a three alarm fire at Peabody Dollar Tree: Damages estimated in the tens of dollars.


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