LeBron admits defeat

Beantown Beatdown

LeBron in his exit interview for the 2015 season had this to say. “I hate losing, its hurts, I’d rather not make the playoffs than make the finals and lose. I’ve not made the playoffs twice and lost in the finals four times, I’d rather not make the playoffs.”

Well then. Okay. Well put… I think. The Beantown Beatdown cornered LeBron for a few more questions later on. We asked, who counts how many times they have missed the playoffs and lost in the finals? Who does that? He said, “Me,” but we had to remind him, this was the rhetorical part of the interview. We wondered, is this guy for real, he doesn’t mention his rings, just his defeats? He said, “A lot of great players have lost four finals.” We reminded him, we were wondering, we never actually said anything out loud. But since he brought it up, we asked, or axed as it were, him to name four such examples. He said Jerry West then mumbled some other names, many of them from different sports or fields of endeavor such as art, cooking and spelling B’s. We told him that he had omitted one example: The four time loser sitting right in front of us, the self proclaimed greatest player in the world, LeBron James. We inquired if along with preferring to not make the playoffs, would he prefer that he was never drafted, and had spent his life playing in a stinky gym in Akron with his friends until he keeled over from a heart attack at age 50? Did he wish he were never born? Or that perhaps his Mom had shacked up with a 5-2 inch nerd with no ass and conceived a skinny, talentless dickwad who lived on his parents couch and subsisted on hot pockets well into his thirties? Would any of these make the hurt go away?


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