LeBron Jame’s dick gets five seconds of play during game 4

Last night, during game four of the NBA finals featuring the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James had a wardrobe malfunction on live TV.

James who was adjusting his shorts when his dick made a short cameo was unaware of the peek-a-boo his pee pee had just played.

The irony of the incident cannot be overlooked. The Cavs will not admit it was done on purpose, but his teammates in the timeout are arranged in the same sequence as the length of his member, a precise 8.13 inches. These figures are based on a flaccid member. The NBA has a cock block policy regarding the measurements of erect penises. Speculative guesses on LeBron from past girlfriends and Dwayne Wade range from 9.8 to 11.9. We reached out to Mr. James for comment about his pee-pee parts and he stated, “Hey man, I gave ya’ll a preview, game 5 I’m gonna show my right nut, then on game 6 my left nut, when this goes to cable for game 7 I’m gonna give the camera a full-blown ‘Gobbler’.” For those of you who don’t know, a “Gobbler” is the act of pasting ones private area on glass to make it look like a turkey neck, not to be confused with a “Mushroom stamp” which is slapping your cock and balls on someone’s forehead.

LeBron James Dick
LeBron James Dick

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