Not so famous poet dies choking on a clam

Frank Griddles of Revere passed away yesterday after choking on phlegm during oral sex with his wife, the dastardly Helen Griddles.

Frank was a poet who was trying to push the white culture toward a brand of poetry he termed, ‘White Def Jam.’  Frank authored three poems in all, none of which were met with much notoriety in the white society he so desperately wanted to be a voice of.  One deals with a trip to the park; the others are most likely a reflection of how he viewed himself; since he was an extremely old bastard whose trips behind the wheel were the stuff of legend.

Old Elegant birch tree
I ponder your cowardice as I
Standing with my back to the wind
In order to increase the push
Propel my urine into your soft bark.
The warm, zucchini smelling liquid cutting into your outer layers
exposing ash, small bugs and tiny markings
All my non nutritious liquids mixing in with your cells
Photosynthesize that – as I drop a tender deuce upon your trunk.

Old Man in Car
Slowly moving, head peering slightly above the dash
You old fool, unaware of others rushing about
As you creep down the street heading towards
Yet another appointment.  Doctor for this-
Pharmacy for that.  Lunch with old friends-
We’re working now ass hole, Fucking move it!

Star Market

Oh cute young girl at register three
How I dream you’d come home with me
We could talk of the produce I recently bought
I might want to touch you you’re so fucking hot
Don’t you worry of what’s buried downstairs
Unlike them I won’t  bind you to the chairs
They screamed you know? One time too loud
I couldn’t be discovered for I am too proud
I once had a dream of a double coupon day
I’d walk up to you and this is what I’d say
Honey, I’ve got one that’s meant just for you
buy one blowjob Frankie  and Receive two


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