Man with limp looks toward cure

Lynn Massachusetts- Xiang Tin Wang immigrated to the U.S. from Cambodia with his family when he was a child.  After arriving in the U.S. the family settled in a triple decker on Boston Street with nine hundred other family members.

As Wang entered junior high school he started noticing girls. And although he had been in the country for 14 years he had absolutely no intention of learning the language.   When local teen Brittany Pionme showed him some tit and said “I bet you wish you could touch this don’t ya’ ya’ stupid zipperhead,” Wang mistook this encounter for more than it was going to be.

Shortly after the encounter Wang developed a limp.  He started walking about town with a cane as his symptoms got worse.  After several declining periods of health, Wang finally went to the emergency room to get checked for a severe case of blue balls.  See image of Wang in the emergency room here:

We tried to interview Wang about his dong but a language barrier still exists.  From our speculation we have determined that Wang , who is now bed ridden with one testicle the size of a VW beetle that he gently cradles in a small hammock, needs some relief.  We reached out to The Make a Wish prostitute division and a representative stated, “Sorry but the last time we helped in this type of situation we lost a great employee.” See image of that incident here:

To make matters worse for Wang, his balls are now so big, it makes his tiny Asian prick completely vanish; which may be why he hasn’t been able to relieve his own symptoms with the gentle caress of his tiny Asian hands.

Currently his landlord Michael McGrundle plans on evicting Wang, stating, “Look, I can deal with 900 chinkerbelle’s prancing around  up there, but I can’t live another day of my life knowing that that testicle is running loose on my property; I want them out!”


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