Beantown Investigates: What’s really going on at the old Peterson house?

The old Peterson house in Brighton, Massachusetts is the stuff of urban
legend.  Locals will tell you its haunted or that they know someone who
knows someone who saw someone get murdered there. In an effort to bring you
facts we decided it was time to investigate.

We pulled up to the house in our recently purchased old ice cream truck and tried interviewing several neighborhood kids.  We offered the promise of free candy to step inside our dilapidated windowless vehicle to talk. That’s when we noticed no one in the area wanted to talk, in fact after just three minutes into our investigation the police arrived.

The following day after we posted bond and filled out the required sex offender paperwork, we decided we needed a different angle and possibly a friendlier look. We returned to the house in a rented cargo van with several puppies we had just adopted from the local animal shelter now dressed as clowns. While we were setting up our ” Free dogs from clowns ” stand outside the old Peterson house the police again showed up.  What is this city trying to hide about this residence?  After another night in, and an elevation in our sex offender level to red, we finally gave in to the fact that we may never get to the bottom of this investigation.


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