Ray Rice and new wife have public feud

Ray Rice and his wife Janay were seen publicly feuding at the Mondawmin mall in Baltimore this past Monday.

Ray, for those who have been living in a cave, punched his wife out in an elevator last year, resulting in a year long suspension from the NFL. The league, although heavily criticized for its handling of domestic violence issues, has certainly made them more popular. In Rice’s case the NFL stepped up hard, forcing Ray to the sidelines and telling Janay, “From now on, you best take the stairs.” The couple married several months ago, (go to youtube and watch the couple dance their first dance to Aerosmith’s Love in an Elevator). The marital union has been going swimmingly for the couple, with Ray riding alone while Janay trudges up 30 floors to their luxury apartment. There was bliss until Monday, when they came upon this device (click here)
Ray argued that “An elevator guts a motor, so does this shit, so I be taking it. You walk your ass to Red Robin bi-atch. ” Janay stated “It’s stairs, look at it you dumbass, it’s a set of stairs. Ain’t no buttons nowhere, ain’t no doors. ” On-lookers took sides, most of them siding with Janay because of her tight ass. NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell ,who was in line at the nearby Orange Julius, offered to mediate. Goodell ruled that an escalator is stairs per say , but that Ray had proven in a prior situation that he was clearly the boss, so therefore Janay had to walk. Rice smiled and pumped his fist into the air as he rode the escalator; shortly thereafter the mall lost power, turning the escalator to stairs. Stay tuned for more on this couple, as a trip to the airport is looming. people mover


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