Merriam to add new phrase to 2015 edition

Beantown Beatdown

Merriam Dictionary announces new phrase for this years edition.

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Merriam announced early yesterday that the phrase ‘n’ shit’ will be added as a new entry to the latest edition of the 2015 dictionary. Harvey Hurlbarth, a representative for the company, indicated on Tuesday that the phrase has become colloquial. Hurlbarth, an expert in linguistics n’ shit, says the phrase is often used by illiterate scumbags to infer ‘stuff’. “What we do here at Merriam,” continued Hurlbarth, “is listen in on conversations, in this case completely idiotic ones. We hear this phrase used on subways, school halls and especially when major drug deals are going down. The only time you would not use the phrase is when the noun is the word shit itself. You would never say ‘I’m going to take a shit n shit.’ That sentence indicates you are defecating more than once, in which case you would say, “I’m going to enter that port a potty and take a couple of shits.” Shit n’ shit is what we call repetitive swearing. It has gotten out of hand in our culture,” warned Hurlbarth. “I heard a young boy call a mongoloid boy a ‘retarded retard.’ How can that possibly be correct? You’d have to be a fucking complete fucking fuckhead to think that is proper usage. I pulled the young man aside and informed him of the correct usage. “He’s not a retarded retard, he’s just a retard…… n’ shit.” The new edition goes on sale this week in all major bookstores. Other new word entries include ‘aight, (a shortened version of ‘allright’) and jeat ( a shortened version of ‘did you eat?’) and blumpkin, (a sexual maneuver involving a toilet seat and a woman with severely damaged olfactories.)


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