Women cry foul at hourly wages

A recent study conducted by our very own crack team of investigators, which is comprised of three women who make diddly shit, and two guys who we pay by the pizza slice, has uncovered this truth, “women make less money then men, spend twice as much time bitching about it”
It’s true women make less, but our study concludes that the amount of time women spend bitching about the lower income is time that could be spent earning more money. As an example, we spoke with Cheetah Jones, a hooker from Chelsea. Cheetah earns 30 dollars for a blow job. She bitched about the low wages she earns during the entire interview process, and yet not once did it dawn on her that I had thirty dollars in my pocket and a raging hard – on. Even subtle hints of ” who do I need to eat out to get a thirty dollah blow job around here?” went completely unnoticed by Cheetah, she missed the opportunity boat big time. We also spoke with several female drug dealers who said “we should be making serious bank” but they were struggling in the current economy. They blabbed on for several minutes while I just stood there staring at a blank mirror with a straw jammed up my nose .


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